Our drop-off catering menus start at just $40 per person.

Please call or email us today for details and pricing.

We are dedicated to supporting and showcasing the bounty of the Sonoma and Napa Valleys.

As much as possible, we use local produce, meat, poultry, and sustainable seafood.

Our menus change seasonally and everything we serve is made by hand, from scratch, and with love.


While we prefer 48-hours notice on all catering, don’t hesitate to ask if you get in a pinch!

We’re always happy to see what we can put together for you even if it is last minute.

Drop-offs can be provided warm or with full instructions for re-warming and finishing,

 in recyclables, on your own platters or ours (for a fee).


Starts at $45/ Per Person

Includes Shredded Cabbage and Lettuce, Diced Tomatoes,

Housemade Pickles, Choice of Sauces, Pita or GF Bread, 2 Sides​


(OPTIONS CHANGE WEEKLY - Contact Us For a Full Menu and Pricing!)

  • Rancho Gordo Chickpea and Black Bean Falafels (v, gf) 

  • Mary's Free Range ChickenShawarma Featuring (gf)

  • Superior Farms Lamb Kofta (gf)

  • Five Dot Ranch Beef Kofta (gf)

  • Call For Weekly Specials

Choice of Bread:

  • Pita Bread (v)

  • Gluten-Free Flatbread (v, gf)

  • Half-and-Half (v)

Choice of Two Sauces:

  • Green Tahini Sauce (v, gf)

  • Toum (Whipped Garlic Sauce, v, gf)

  • Toum-Yogurt Sauce (gf)

  • Tahini Tatziki (v, gf)



Choice of Hot Pepper Paste:

  • Preserved Lemon Shatta (v, gf)

  •  Sundried Tomato Harissa (v, gf)

Choose Two Sides:

  • See Options on Menu Below


Starts at $75 Per Person

Choice of One Main, Two Sauces, Bread, and Two Sides


(Contact Us For a Full Menu and Pricing!)

  • Mary's Free Range Chicken Thighs OR Lamb Tagine with Artichokes, Spring Vegetables, Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, and Saffron
    (Lamb Option: + $5 Per Person)

  • Pacific Cod and Gulf Shrimp Tagine with Braised with Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Preserved Lemon, Ginger, Saffron, and Coriander

  • Za’atar Marinated and Whole Roasted Petaluma Chicken with Choice of Sauces

  • Cumin Spice Crusted 5-Dot Ranch NY Strip Steak (gf)
    (+ $5 Per Person)

  • Baharat Spiced Superior Lamb Tenderloins with Choice of Sauces
    (+ $10 Per Person)

Choose One Bread:

  • Pita Bread (v)

  • Gluten-Free Flatbread (v)

  • Half-and-Half (v)

  • Za’atar Manoushi (v)


Choose a Hot Pepper Paste:

  • Preserved Lemon Shatta (v, gf)

  •  Sundried Tomato Harissa (v, gf)

Choose Two Sauces:

  • Green Tahini Sauce (v, gf)

  • Toum (Whipped Garlic Sauce, v, gf)

  • Toum-Yogurt Sauce (gf)

  • Tahini Tatziki (v, gf)


Choose Two Sides:

  • See Options on Menu Below


Choice of Two

(OPTIONS CHANGE WEEKLY - Contact Us For a Full Menu and Pricing!)

  • White Tabouleh (v, gf)

  • Shaved Cabbage, Parsley, Mint, Scallions, Pomegranate Seeds, Quinoa, Allspice, Lemon and Olive Oil


  • Spring Fatoush Salad (v, gf optional)
    Local Greens, Shaved Farmers Market Vegetables Including Snap Peas, Asparagus, Carrots, Fennel, and Radishes, Herbs, Za’atar Pita Croutons, and Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette


  • Roasted Beet and Grilled Feta Salad (v, gf)
    Citrus Roasted Beets, Pressed and Grilled Feta Cheese, Pickled Fennel, Chicory and Arugula, Pistachios, Pistachio Vinaigrette


  • Grilled Farmers’ Market Veggies (v, gf)
    Smoked Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Fresh Herbs, and Lemon

  • Chilled Asparagus Salasd (v, gf)
    Tahini and Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette 

  • Vermicelli and Bulgar Pilaf (v)
    Toasted Vermicelli and Bulgar Wheat

  • Brown Rice and Lentil Salad (v, gf)
    Wilted Spinach, Toasted Walnuts, Sundried Tomatoes, Herbs,  Sumac  Vinaigrette

  • Roasted Marble Potatoes
    Smoked Turkish Pepper, Lemon, and Parsley


  • Saffron Rice (v, gf)
    Caramelized Onions and Toasted Almonds


Large $75, Serves 8-10

Small $55, Serves 4-6

Comes Ready-To-Serve on a Balsa Wood Platter


Choice of Dips

(4 for large, 3 for small)

  • Baba Ganoush (v, gf)
    Charred Eggplant with Tahini, Lemon, and Garlic

  • Muhammara (v, gf)
    Roasted Red Peppers with Walnuts, Pomegranate Molasses, Cumin, Chilies and Lemon

  • Beiruti Style Hummus (v, gf)
    Rancho Gordo Chickpeas Pureed with Garlic, Tahini, Lots of Lemon, Urfa Pepper, Sumac, and Parsley

  • Lebneh (gf)
    Yogurt Cheese with Dried Mint, Olive Oil, and Preserved Lemon

  • Green Tahini (v, gf)
    Our Infamous Tahini Dip/Sauce with Herbs, Spices, and Lemon

  • Spreadmade Marinated Olives (v, gf)

  • Urfa Roasted Nuts (v, gf)

  • Homemade Pickled Veggies (v, gf)

  • Grape Leaves Stuffed with Rice, Apricots, Pine Nuts, Herbs and Spices (v, gf)
    On Large Mezze Only

  • Pita Bread or Gluten Free Bread (v)
    (+$1 Per Piece for G/F)

  • Za’atar Crackers (v)

  • Crudite (v)



Baklava - 20-piece Tray

Choose One:

  • Pistachio, Walnut and Orange Blossom

  • Chocolate and Almond

  • Almond and Cardamom and Honey

  • Pistachio, Coconut and Cardamom (v)


Knefeh - Per 8” Cake 
Middle Eastern Cheese Cake with Flaky Kataifi Dough Soaked in Orange Blossom Syrup, Garnished with Pistachios and Rose Petals. Best served warm.

Dark Chocolate Tahini Brownie (v, gf) and/or Tahini Blondie Platter (v, gf)
10 piece minimum

Individual Mahalabia  (gf, vegan optional)
4oz. Glass Jar, 5-piece minimum

Lebanese Milk Pudding with Cardamom and Seasonal Garnishes

Vegan or Dairy Available

Individual Saffron Rice Puddings (v, gf)

4oz. Glass Jar, 10-piece minimum

with Honey, Golden Raisins, Toasted Pistachios and Almonds